The Fancy. Express yourself through your likings.

Usually, a passionate of social networks looks for latest news about this topic by the web. Today, however, we have a more comfortable alternative to the web searchrestricted, or probably just more selective. It depends on the different points of view.

So, during these days, I’m looking for new social network sites through an interesting back door: the SN apps.

A few days ago, exploring the Apple App Store by my iPad, social network category (of course…!), I discovered The Fancy, a new SNS where the representation of yourself is more important than in others. It’s not based on a tough logic: you can find items that you like, and which maybe you own, inside a database of objects proposed by other users. By the way, you can also suggest additional things, adding a picture, a description and other infos about them. Each item is categorized under its category (men’s, gadgets, home, etc.).

ScreenShot The Fancy

Until now, it doesn’t seem so “social”.

But after a few minutes, browsing a little bit, you can find some features known thanks to other SNS. For example, we could have followers – and we may follow people, of course – like in Twitter: if a user has tastes similar to ours, we can follow him, and he can became an opinion leader for us, about clothing, technology and many other stuff.

Going ahead, we can find a foursquare‘s main feature: the badges. If you add five objects to the men’s category, you’ll become a “men’s style intern“; one hundred fifty for the “senior men’s stylist” badge.

Moreover, we have the rank-system: the more consents you’ll reach, according to the products which you say to like by the “fancy it” button (the equivalent of the Facebook‘s “like“), the highest will be your ranking.

Mixing these well known features, we have a very original mash-up: simply, enjoyable and, maybe, “compulsive” if used without moderation…

In my opinion, there are so much opportunities about the e-commerce field, related to this social network site. Right now, anything is very indirect: who suggests an item, can propose a site where you can buy it, inside the infos area.

However, it’s so obvious that it’s possible to create a better mechanism. E.g., a system of monetary transaction (online, of course) could be implemented in the website. Using it, you could buy items which you like directly inside The Fancy.

But most of all, we have to think about a possible marriage between this SNS and a geolocalization system. Why? Easy to explain: The Fancy knows our tastes, and he also knows where we are in the world in an exact moment. So, it’s possible to imagine huge chances about this pair of elements: for example, I’m close to a luxury clothing shop and, inside my Fancy’s items list, I’ve got several expensive clothes. My mobile device, due to these informations, will tell me about this shopping opportunity.

Personally, I deeply think that The Fancy is going to have an inverse process if compared to foursquare, but probably they will reach a similar result. About the first one, we begin with likings, glimpsing enormous occasions about the geolocalization topic; on the other hand, there is an opposite route. Again, The Fancy starts with items, and then he will arrive to shops (I like several ethnic foods, then it’s probable that I would like to know about the presence, within a few meters, of an ethnic restaurant); foursquare, vice versa (I’ve done a check-in inside an ethnic restaurant, so it’s easy to deduce that I would like to be notified when I’m close to an ethnic shop, expecially restaurants).

So, looking forward, I strongly believe that The Fancy has enormous potentialities. Am I too optimist?!? Wait a little bit, and we will know soon…!

Daniele Vincenzoni


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