Inefficiencies 2.0. When companies play with the social web, without understanding it

Going to the cinema. Is there anything easier? In a few steps, the evening outing is organized.

Step one: choose a movie. Only a few years ago, you had to take a newspaper, to check the cinemas list and, then, you could select a film.

Cinema’s operators then, especially the largest ones, discovered the web site: easy to build and to update, great to use for users/spectators. No more just a timetable, but also plots, news, route infos to reach the cinema, etc.

Today. Someone doesn’t understand the new technologies of the ICT field, and plays with Web 2.0 through the rules of the “old” Internet. Obviously, it happens regardless of the different business sectors.

A few days ago, on Twitter, I found out the profile of one of my favorite cinema in Rome.

It’s great, materially speaking: digital screenings, inside large and comfortable rooms. Everything, into a stunning setting: a pub, a restaurant, a cafè, meadows and a small lake with ducks, goldfishes and turtles, too. Anything, suggests that this enterprise has a good knowledge of the experientiality concept: when you sell a product, customers don’t look only at that one, but also at several other services, which give it an added value. Well: this added value, is very important for the customer loyalty.

Due to this, I expected something more from this Twitter profile.

This Twitter profile infos. We can't find the corporate logo

Since June 2010, only 124 tweets and 53 followers. Few, for a medium corporation, which hosts a large number of viewers every evening.

At first sight, not a good feeling… The first tweet, in fact, says “Ecco il nostro nuovo sito!”, which means “This is our new website!”. Moreover, we can’t find the enterprise’s logo, but just a white bird. Heavy error, in my opinion.

First tweet, first error

So, leaving out the “logo issue”, we have to think about the deep difference between a website and a social network site. A common user couldn’t know this one, maybe, but a corporation must know.

Just an error, also if bad? Could be, I thought. Then, to be sure, I wrote a message to it. Just a simple question: “Good evening. Is the ticket booking for free? Have I to use a credit card? Thanks!”.

My question via Twitter

Of course, I didn’t receive an answer.

So, it’s not a huge problem for a customer. But the enterprise is giving, in this way, a very bad image of itself.

The “social network site” term, of course, means that those sites must be socialrelational and, concretely speaking, it means that you have to answer your followers’ questions.

If you choose to use Twitter, you can’t use it like a traditional medium, although this one is a little mainstream, we could say…

Marketing teaches us that it’s better if you don’t start a service, rather than propose it in a “light version”. In fact, in this case, you don’t have a “half-service”, but an inefficiency.

If a hotel tells you it has an amazing swimming pool and, once there, you can find just a small and dirty bathtub, you can’t be so happy and satisfied. No one likes a half-service. Sometimes, “1.0” is not so different from “2.0”…

Daniele Vincenzoni

p.s.: often, you just have to know the ICT tools, also if a little bit. The right one, if you want to tell your client when a new movie comes out, is the RSS. A nice example is the Italian site MYmovies, which allows you to receive not just one, but three RSS feeds (“Right now”, “This weekend”, “Soon”).


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