Muji and the touch screen gloves. If the high tech changes your wardrobe…

Technology’s paces, and social ones, are never the same.

17th July 2002, almost ten years ago, Apple launches on the market the second generation of iPod. Between the upgrades, if compared to the previous version, we can find touch-sensitive controls.

With respect to the current touch screen devices, we can’t find meaningful changes, about this topic: during the winter, you have to choose between gloves or control. However, iPod‘s spread wasn’t so “viral”. Certainly, less than today.

Guanti senza punte: funzionali, ma "bruttini" e non idonei ai climi più freddi

During ten years, we have “aspirants-iPod” following (or copying?!?) its example, ready to use touch-sensitive elements, but most of all we have several touch screen device, which have quickly gained significant market shares anywhere they settled. So, the “traditional glove” makes your devices unusable.

As a partial solution, for some, gloves without fingertips. Maybe useful, but unthinkable for those who love to be trendy. Not a good solution for anyone, so. And not so eligible for the coldest mornings.

So, the Japanese company Muji realized that this need of the consumers could be a good business for itself. The idea is pretty simple: touch screen gloves, which embed on the fingertips of forefinger and thumb a conductive material, to permit us to use also a device with capacitive touch screen, sensible to variations in the display’s electrostatic field, due to our fingers (impossible to feel, for it, with common gloves).

I think that one of the most meaningful feature of this product is to be really “for anyone”, economically speaking: only 20 € for a pair, purchasable also online. another example between many, saying us that technology, after our practices, is changing day by day also our clothing. Also with little, but very ingenious, ideas. Futuristic sensors inside our sweaters, or RFIDs that communicate with surrounding environment? Sometimes, working on your fingertips is enough…

Daniele Vincenzoni


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